Still Moving Meditation is me, Brad Gantt, and I’m in the photo above pretending to meditate. I help people live happier, healthier, simpler, more creatively-fulfilling lives by teaching them how to access what they already have inside them.

Meditation clears out the junk that’s preventing us from reaching our full potential. It’s a simple mental technique that will improve just about every aspect of our lives when practiced regularly. No magic. No mysticism. The style of meditation I teach is simple and effective for modern minds, and can be easily integrated into your busy, messy, noisy life.

You can learn to meditate and make it stick.

I found Brad to be engaging on many different levels -whether it be discussing the mundane practicalities of when and how to meditate to the more spiritual, philosophical and scientific aspects of meditation practice. His insights and analogies are incredibly clear, simple and powerful -they resonated in the moment and have stuck with me over time. I feel like the real strength of Brad’s coaching is simply the invitation to practice. He can’t do the work for me (or you), but he possesses a calm presence and a deep motivation to share the benefits of this practice and who can help us tap into our own inner ‘wellspring of calm.’
— Meredith, Highland Park, CA

I also write The Still Moving Newsletter, sharing information and inspiration on the topics of meditation, creativity, wellness, sustainability and innovation. Sign up, I think you’ll feel better for reading it.