Brad Gantt- Founder & Teacher

Brad Gantt- Founder & Teacher

Invest 4% of your day and improve the other 96% of your life.

Meditation clears out the junk that’s preventing you from reaching your full potential. It’s a simple mental technique that will improve just about every aspect of your life when practiced regularly. No magic. No mysticism.

The styles of meditation I teach are simple and effective for modern minds, and they can be easily integrated into your busy, messy, noisy life. So you can be a better… you.


I am thrilled to be a part of the fantastic new program, The Healthy & Whole Project, with Becca Shern from Minimal Wellness. I'll take participants on a deep dive into the myths and misunderstandings of meditation and mindfulness, reveal the simple, powerful truths that can produce lasting positive change in our lives and put them into practice during a guided meditation.

Read more about the project and get the registration link here.