As we meditate we move toward the possibility of using 100% of our full potential.

Meditation causes the body to rest more deeply than at any point during a night’s sleep. This deep and profound rest allows the body to release accumulated stress, thereby freeing it to operate with a sense of effortlessness and ease. There is no function of the body that is not improved by a lessening of stress.

Mentally we become more available to our life, to the moment. We are left to be completely present in the moment, whatever it may be. Being present becomes the norm, rather than the exception. The mind ceases its never-ending speculation–worrying about the future or cataloguing the past–freeing it for enjoyment and creativity.

As we continue to meditate, emotionally we find ourselves to be on much more of an even keel. We find ourselves responding to the world with more equanimity and grace. We are filling ourselves each day with adaptation energy that allows us to meet the ever-changing demands of nature without stress and without being triggered into the fight or flight responses make us feel out of control.