Become self-sufficient and self-empowered over 3x90-minute sessions and enjoy a lifetime of physical and mental health benefits.

Learn a simple, effortless meditation technique that can transform your life. The practice is ancient, but it is also practical and scientifically proven to provide a long list of benefits for us modern humans. You don’t need to find a quiet place, sit in a particular way, or focus, or concentrate really hard. It can be practiced anywhere, sitting comfortably in a chair for about 20 minutes. It doesn’t matter how busy your mind is, or whether you’ve struggled with guided meditations and apps, the technique is effortless and easy to learn. Meditators quickly become happier, more creative, more productive, and more adaptable and resilient to the demands of life.

The course consists of 3x90 minute online sessions conducted via Zoom video conferencing. The first two sessions are held on consecutive days, while the third takes place after a 1-2 weeks of independent practice. Our online format allows students around the world to “learn where you’ll practice” with the flexibility and efficiency to fit the busiest schedules. Still Moving has successfully taught students from across the US and Europe to become independent meditators.

We also offer private, in-person training for students who live in the Los Angeles area. Please contact us if you are interested in scheduling a private course.


“There is so much I enjoyed - your warmth, easy rapport, expertise and generosity as well as the incredibly powerful approach to meditation you shared.

After 9 years of trying out various approaches, I finally feel I've found a way to meditate that suits me and that will be something I can integrate into my life. I'm already really looking forward to sitting each day and love the absence of apps, voices, distractions. The simplicity is a joy. Previously sitting for 20 minutes felt like an endurance event...it's an early call but I'd go so far as to say it'll be life-changing for me so thank you.”

-Sophie, UK

Course Investment

To make the course as accessible as possible, Still Moving follows a “choose what you pay” model. It is up to the student to determine what level of contribution they can afford. No one will be asked for any financial information.

The individual investment is $360. If this is more than you can afford, please use one of the discount codes below.

25% OFF “SIMPLE-25” / 50% OFF “SIMPLE-50” / 75% OFF “SIMPLE-75”

Still Moving Students receive :

  • Instruction in the effortless Still Moving technique

  • Knowledge of the mechanics of stress and how meditation helps

  • Guidance in understanding personal meditation experiences

  • Strategies for making meditation a daily habit

  • One refresher session with Brad

  • Ongoing email support

  • The ability to sit the course again anytime in the future, for free!