Discover which style of meditation best fits your mind type in this exploration of the four categories of meditative experience.

There are almost as many styles of meditation as there are people. And in their pure form, without dogma, all have value. However, not every style resonates with every person. Some will find a particular practice relatively easy and comfortable, while others will find it quite challenging. This is because we have different mind types.  

Over the 4-week course, you will learn and practice techniques from each of the four categories of meditative experience: Present Moment Awareness, Calm Focus, Energized Body & Mind, and Transcendence/Self-Discovery. Upon completion, you will know through direct experience which practice will be the most effective and sustainable for you.

The course features instructional videos as well as readings and other materials to support your practice. You will learn a new technique on the first day and practice it for the following six days before moving on to the next. Each day will require approximately an hour of your time including the meditations. There is a practice for each day but the course is self-paced, so you can work it in around your schedule. Following the course you will be able to continue practicing any of the techniques on your own without further instruction. 

If Transcendence/Self-Discovery meditation resonated with you the most, and you wish to learn more, the next step is the Still Moving Mastery Course which features 3-days of live instruction on the philosophy and technique and includes lifetime follow-up support. If one of the other techniques felt more natural for you, resources will be provided for further study and practice. 

The simple, practical, non-dogmatic approach was perfect for me, a somewhat skeptical first-time meditator.
— Charlie, San Marino, CA

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