We are not our thoughts, our emotions, our careers our worries, our to-do lists. Meditation helps us get to know our true selves, and our lives, and the lives of those around us, will be better for it.

See, that didn’t take long. Now, please enjoy this lovely waterfall.



“The meditative state is a natural state. We’ve just forgotten how to get there.”

-Charlie Knoles

When we are able to regularly get in touch with our natural selves, our true selves, our minds and bodies are able to find balance and heal from the debilitating effects of chronic stress, limiting beliefs, and behaviors that do not serve us or those we love. We will spend less time in the past or future and more time in the now. We will experience less stress under pressure, and more confidence and capability. We will suffer less confusion and find more purpose and direction.

For those who love lists, here are some additional benefits for our minds and bodies:

  • Reduced stress, anxiety and depression

  • Improved sleep + more energy

  • Increased resilience to stress

  • Increased focus and mental clarity

  • A boost in immune system function

  • Grows the brain: increased memory, attention, self-awareness and self-control

  • Muscle relaxation and release of tension

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Faster recovery from illness and injuries

  • Greater connection with ourselves and others

  • Greater flow in our lives, leading to more joy and happiness

  • Feel younger and live longer

  • Better, faster decisions

  • Less brain fog

  • Greater creativity

  • Less reactivity

  • Greater adaptability

  • Less overwhelm

  • Increased emotional intelligence

I teach an effortless meditation technique that is easy to learn and practice. You can do this.